To those tied to a desk everyday from 9-5 business travel might seem glamorous. Flying to new cities or across the globe seems so much better than sitting behind a desk every day doesn’t?

Not to those that do it. It can be extremely stressful and taxing on your health. The top three triggers for corporate stress while traveling are:

  • catching up for lost time
  • dealing with unforeseen events from traveling
  • trying to keep to your daily schedule while on the road.

However, there are a number of things you can do to lessen your stress when traveling in the corporate world.

Checklists are Your Friend

Checklists are your best friend and easily stored in your notes on your phone or within a notes app. Your lists can include everything you need when you travel. Don’t be afraid to keep a few lists. Such as a list of must have toiletries, a list for your electronics, ie phone chargers and batteries, to wardrobe lists for warm and cold destinations. These lists work to keep you from forgetting things at home and also from forgetting things in your hotel room. They can be helpful on that one last sweep of your hotel room before you leave. Do you have any idea how many phone chargers are left in hotel rooms? Maids have found as many as 250 chargers a year, or up to 35 chargers a month still plugged into wall outlets. If you have a list, you won’t be one of them.

To help avoid these here are six strategies to help you reduce your stress and stay healthy while on the road.

1.Be Prepared.

To make up for lost time plan ahead and put together what you can work on effortlessly while you’re traveling. Wi-Fi is not always easily accessible at airports or hotel rooms. Find out in advance if you will have Wi-Fi access at your hotel or in your conference area. If not, plan accordingly and bring a portable Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot. Most carriers offer these options as part of their plans. By planning ahead in this way you can work your way through answering emails, reading reports or sending updates and avoid that “build up” of your inbox when you get back to work.

2. Double-check your Itinerary.

If your travel plans are made for you, do they know where your clients are located? What hotel you are staying in and what airport you are arriving at? Have they confirmed all your transportation? Have you been supplied with your travel itinerary with sufficient time to check it all out? Knowing all of the logistics of your travel with as much lead time as possible can lessen your stress. Having a clear travel plan, flying non-stop when possible and using a local dependable transportation company with an outstanding reputation is imperative in making your trip successful. A local transportation company knows the traffic patterns and the area which allows you the opportunity to relax while traveling between client meetings. Poorly planned out transportation or grabbing a taxi at the airport or hotel could mean hours sitting in unnecessary traffic, which equates to lost time. If you do end up in traffic, see tip #1.

3. Pack Smart

Not packing efficiently and having to check a bag can be extremely stressful. By planning out your wardrobe, keeping it simple and interchangeable, you eliminate the stress of lost luggage, long waits at check-in or baggage claim. Investing in travel toiletries can help with that unexpected spill or stain. A small carry on stain stick can work wonders on your shirt in an instant. Keep a small travel toiletry bag ready so that you can grab it at a moment’s notice and be sure you have your toothbrush and deodorant. Remember, a checklist is your best friend. If you are going to a cold destination there’s no guesswork needed. Just use your list to pull the items together days in advance. It’s also a good idea for your list to include the shoes you need. Since most of us dress comfortably to travel it’s not unusual to wear comfortable shoes on the plane. Perhaps it’s warm and you’ve been wearing flip-flops, or it’s raining and you’re wearing rain boots. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and finding out you forgot shoes to wear with your business suit, so you’re running around trying to find a pair and not end up in flip-flops. Lastly, check the weather, if it’s raining every day, it might be great that you wore those rain boots. But if it’s beach weather, your feet are not going to be happy and you’ll be looking for flip-flops.

4. Dress Comfortably on the Plane

By wearing layers you are prepared for all temperatures. If the airport is cold extra layers can keep you warm. Often times, planes can be warm. Especially if you are stuck in it for a while before you take off or get to deplane. Being able to remove a layer will certainly help you feel more comfortable. If you are a lady, consider yoga pants, loose fitting slacks and tennis shoes. You don’t want to be running to make a connection in heels. If you are a man it’s not ideal to wear your suit jacket in your seat or cram it into the overhead bin. Asking the flight attendant to hang your jacket is a great option. Traveling in casual clothes and packing your suit is a better option as long as you will have the time to change. Keeping those travel toiletries in a handy carry on will let you freshen up in any airport restroom if you have a meeting scheduled close to your landing time.

5. Keep to Your Daily Workout Routine and Stick to Your Diet

One of the biggest mistakes people make is grabbing a bite to eat at the airport. While there are some healthy choices like yogurts and salad the temptation is to grab the donuts or croissants because they are quick and not messy. But, the butter or icing could easily end up on your shirt or pants. By packing a snack such as fresh fruit, cut carrots and celery or a protein bar you can stay healthy on the plane and avoid the chips, cookies and nuts they offer. Drink plenty of water and pack some high protein snacks to keep you satisfied. Find out if your hotel has a gym. If not, find out if there is a gym close by. Most gyms have day passes available. Some even offer a free trial week before you join. Take advantage of the day pass or free trial to stay on top of your workouts. You only need 30 minutes a day to stay on track. If that’s not possible go out for a walk and take in the local sights. While on the plane get up and walk around and stretch to avoid stiffness and sore muscles.

6. Know your Expense Report Policy and File Right Away

This may save you from unexpected out-of-pocket costs while traveling. Do you have to keep your receipts in a safe place? Snap a picture of your receipts with your phone so that you have a copy should you lose one of them. Your photos are date and time stamped on your phone so you will have a clear record of all your expenses. Spending a day at home before you return to the office to straighten out all your expenses and coordinate them with your saved receipts gives you time to unwind and recharge your battery. It also gives you some much-appreciated family time before heading back to work.

7. Reserve Your Ground Transportation with a Company You Trust

By using a local reputable company for all your travel needs you establish a report with the company, it’s policies and the employees. The professionals at Golden Knight Limousine II are here to help take the stress out of your corporate travel. No matter which airport you are using to travel we can get you there on-time and on-budget. We provide safe, reliable transportation to all NY area airports including John F Kennedy International (JFK), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), Atlantic City International Airport (CV), Stewart International Airport (SWF) and Westchester County White Plains Airport (HPN). Our chauffeurs are familiar with Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam, Dutchess, New York City and Northern Jersey area airports. Flights are tracked for early arrivals and departures as well as any travel delays. Domestic and International travelers are met by one of our professional chauffeurs, helped with their baggage, escorted to their immaculate, late model vehicle and transported safely to their destination. When traveling outside the New York, Tri-State area we will work with our affiliates and can arrange to have a vehicle and chauffeur waiting for you upon your arrival. One call to Golden Knight Limousine II takes care of all your corporate travel needs and lets you rest assured someone will be there for your pick up and drop off. We offer an assortment of comfortable, late model vehicles from executive sedans, roomy SUVs, super stretch limousines and even luxury buses for a corporate road show. Wherever you’re going and whatever type of vehicle you need, we can definitely accommodate you and your party. Give us a call today and get ready for a smooth trip!