August is the month most high school graduates leave home to attend the university of their choice. Here they will explore who they are, learn to live on their own and fend for themselves. This can bring about a great deal of anxiety or it can be a smooth transition. Freshman moving in day comes with all sorts of emotions for both parents and their new incoming college student. College Sophomores, Juniors and Senior are pros at this and can offer valuable advice. If you know of any, don’t hesitate to ask them for help. If you don’t have any as a resource, read on, we can help!

As the parents of incoming Freshman, you can help ease any angst they may be feeling about leaving home by making move in day easy. Instead of cramming all those must have dorm room items into your compact car or having to rent a U-Haul truck and drive all the way to the campus why not use Golden Knight Limousine to lug everything to your new dorm?

Book an SUV with Golden Knight Limousine and let us do the packing and driving for you. We will deliver all your goods to the front door of your freshman dorm, leaving you to enjoy a carefree ride in comfort of your car. You can even leave a few days prior to move in day to pick up those last minute items or just spend some quality time alone with your family. Either way, your dorm necessities (and a few unnecessary items that they “can’t live without”) will be there on-time without any worries.

We can’t promise you won’t be hot, exhausted and in need of a vacation after move in day, but we can promise to help ease that pain (we’ve done this before.

Golden Knight Limousine has experience on move in day for college students and can offer a few tips to make the day easier and as stress free as possible.

Gather all your information and have it readily available:

Know your move-in date and time. All universities have a move in day for each class. Some even divide that by time of day and dorm. So, make sure you arrive on the designated time and date. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving a day late or after move in hours.

Know your dorm’s address:

Know the address of the dorm, not just the main entrance to the university. Have a map of the campus, or use a google map and drop a pin so you can find your way there easily. It helps you and our driver get to the correct dorm on-time. You don’t want to waste time driving aimlessly around a campus looking for your dorm and losing valuable move in time.

Know where you can park your vehicle:

There is usually an assigned parking lot for your vehicle and a designated unloading location for the jam-packed Golden Knight Limousine SUV.

Know what’s already included in the room:

Make sure you have the dimensions of your new bed. Some dorms offer an extra-long twin bed. That’s great, but it means those standard sheets you bought won’t fit. Believe it or not, the bed frames can be very low to the ground and your standard “under-the-bed” containers may not fit. Another option is to buy or rent the stilts offered by some universities allowing you to create a seating area under your bed by lifting the bed on a bunk-like frame.

Obtain a list of items that are NOT permitted in the dorm:

This may include candles, microwaves, refrigerators and any other potential fire hazards. Every student wants the comforts of home while away, but if you show up with a microwave and/or refrigerator and you can’t use them, not only do you have to lug them back home, but you’ve taken up valuable packing room in the SUV.

Know your roommate’s contact information:

Knowing who you are rooming with and what they are bringing can save both of you a lot of time and energy. If they have the refrigerator, you can bring a microwave. If they have a couch, you can offer to bring a TV. Anything you can do to split the big items will help save room when packing.

Create A Master List:

Start making a list early of everything you think you may need. It will make move in day that much easier. You can check each item off your list as you pack. This way you can rest assured nothing is missing when you arrive. There are several places to get an online dorm room checklist. In fact, most colleges offer that list as a download for their incoming freshman. Don’t forget items commonly left behind such as cell phone chargers, bottled water, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. While you may not have to clean bathrooms, spills in your dorm room are an every day occurrence. Paper towels and a spay bottle cleaner for those sticky items left to dry on your desk will be appreciated when you sit down to study.

Pack Early

You should pack up items you don’t use while home early and save space by using vacuum storage bags. These bags really do work to flatten your bulky items down allowing you to cram so much into one box. Save money by using your blanket or clothes to securely pack any fragile items. Try to pack items in an orderly manner. Don’t throw blankets in with shower items, or cleaning materials. But organizing and packing like items together you can label your boxes and only unpack what you need right away. If you pack you summer wardrobe in one box and your winter in another you can store your winter items under your bed until you need them, saving room in your closet.

If you have a collapsible dolly or hand-truck bring it! Believe me, you’ll be grateful when you watch everyone make 10 trips up the stairs while you roll boxes with only three trips up the stairs.

Move in day is a whirlwind day and happens so fast it can be overwhelming. But by following our simple advice and utilizing a professional limousine company that has years of experience you will ease the stress and get everything done in one day.

Call Golden Knight Limousine at 914.245.8718 and book your SUV now, you won’t be sorry. Don’t want to call? Send us an email ( and we will get in touch with you. Already a customer of GKL? You can book your vehicle online today!