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Fall is right around the corner and with it comes pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! You see people getting excited every day about it on social media. All the posts about pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, pumpkin spice pie, even pumpkin spice ice cream can start to clog your news feed. But, the Fall, with its changing of the leaves and crisp weather, is also the perfect time to take a wine tour in the Hudson Valley.

Wine enthusiasts know that being at a winery, surrounded by the extraordinary sights and smells, with the winemaker across the bar, pouring you a glass of wine created on that very property makes the wine tastes special. You simply can’t replicate those conditions at home, when buying it at your local liquor store, or having it shipped by a wine club. This is exactly why you should go taste wine at a Hudson Valley winery.

The Hudson Valley is America’s oldest wine making and grape-growing region. Hudson Valley Wineries offer hospitable winery tasting rooms, where you can taste award-winning wines made from classic European varieties, regional hybrids and even delicious fruit wines. In a setting like this it’s easy to taste more wine than you expected to — those little tastes can really add up quickly.

Please, don’t drink and drive ! Book your Hudson Valley Wine Tour with Golden Knight Limousine II. Our professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs will function as your Designated Driver and take you to the wineries of your choice in the Hudson Valley region.

Golden Knight Limousine II can accommodate groups of any size allowing you and all your friends to sit back, relax and enjoy your wine in one of our luxury vehicles. If you reserve a party bus or stretch limousine you will have plenty of room for all the wine bottles you collect along the way (believe me, you will collect them!) and you are free to enjoy your wine while we escort you to your next stop.

Less than an hour and a half from New York City, there are over 25 wineries in the Hudson Valley Wine Country, the most popular among our clients are listed below.

Millbrook Vineyards – The New York Times penned Millbrook Vineyards as “The Hudson Valley’s flagship winery”. Voted Best Winery in the Hudson Valley for the last 20 consecutive years this is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy a wine tasting in the 940’s Dutch style barn and loft space. Take the tour and learn about our viticulture, history and winemaking by exploring the vineyard and cellars.

Brotherhood Winery – Established in 1839, this is America’s Oldest Winery. They offer a Tour and Tasting pass: $10 that includes a tour of their underground cellars, one tasting flight and your very own Brotherhood Wine Glass to keep!

Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery – One of the largest vineyards in the Hudson valley with over 20 varieties of grapes. Whitecliff is a dog friendly (leashed at all times) winery. Enjoy a beautiful view from the deck while you enjoy a glass of wine.

Adair Vineyards – As a small family owned winery in the historic Hudson Valley, believing in a simple and natural approach to making their wines. The wines produced in their vineyards are all vegan. Want to visit a winery but can’t leave your pet at home? Dogs are welcome at this winery as long as your dog is well behaved, leashed they are allowed inside and out.

Benmarl Winery – Join them for the September and October Harvest Grape Stomping Festival. Come stomp grapes, drink wine and dance to live music all for the small fee of $20. You admission includes a souvenir wine glass, wine tasting, tours and live music.

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery – Located in the foothills of the Hudson Valley, its open year round from 11-6pm. This winery offers wine tasting for 6 wines with a complementary wine glass for the minimal fee of $5

Applewood Winery – Wine Tasting and Hard Cider Tasting in New York’s Hudson Valley at a real Farm Winery. Wine tasting for over 12 wines made in their own vineyards is available at $6 per person. Stop by the café and enjoy appetizers and wine by the glass.

Brimstone Winery – Celebrating 30 years of operation in the Hudson Valley, this vineyard was started in 1969. Enjoy a variety of wines in the tasting room ranging from dry chilled whites to toasty reds and sumptuous semi-sweet whites.

And, to make your day a complete success, here are the top 10 tips for your next wine tour excursion adapted from an article on the WSJ (

  1. Get an empty box for wine. Grab one at your local wine store, or think about buying a Styrofoam wine carrier from the shipping store. Trust us on this. You are going to start buying bottles of wine that will rattle around in your car unless you’ve brought a box. You’ll thank us for this advice when your box is full!
  2. Hire a car or have a designated driver. In many of the newer wine regions, the wineries might be spread out, so you have some driving ahead of you. At Golden Knight Limousine II, we are happy to chart your visits to wineries and take you to them or, you can supply us with your itinerary and we will get you to all your choices safely.
  3. Go early, especially on weekends. The thing that’s the most fun about a winery visit is chatting with the people behind the bar, who are often the owners or winemakers, especially at smaller wineries. They won’t have time to talk with you if it’s busy.
  4. Focus on the smaller places. To feel the passion of wine and wine making, it’s nice to seek out the smaller places where you can really spend some quality time with the people behind the bar, and gain some education into the wine making process.
  5. Try new, unfamiliar things. In many parts of the country, the grapes that grow best are native American grapes or hybrids. Perhaps the winery makes a Chardonnay, but it’s not as good as its Vignoles. If you stick to grapes you know, you could miss out on the regional specialties.
  6. Have an answer to the question, “What kind of wine do you like?” Tasting-room personnel tend to ask this reflexively as an ice-breaker, but many people who aren’t totally comfortable with wine find it hard to answer on the spot. Even if you think you only like dry wines, you should try some that are sweet, and vice versa. Think about saying something like, “I enjoy all kinds of wines. Which would you start with?”
  7. Ask questions. Don’t be shy. If you ask simple questions like “Does this look like it will be a good year?” or “What food goes best with this wine?” the person behind the counter will appreciate your interest. Don’t try to show off with questions like, “Did this get any ML?” unless you really, really care about malolactic fermentation. There are no stupid questions, so enjoy and enhance your knowledge of the local Hudson Valley wineries.
  8. Remember that it’s a tasting room, not a bar. If you want to drink a big glass of wine, buy a bottle and have a picnic. And even if you are not driving, be very careful about how much you’re drinking. People who have had too much to drink ruin the tasting experience for everybody.
  9. Be careful how much you buy. It’s a nice gesture to buy a bottle or two, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to. You’ll be amazed how quickly those bottles add up.
  10. Keep wines out of the hot car. A car that’s sitting in the sun will cook your wines in no time flat. You can avoid that by booking a limo or party bus with Golden Knight Limousine II and the air conditioning will surely keep them at just the right temperature.

We’re pleased to offer an assortment of comfortable, late model, immaculate vehicles, from executive sedans and roomy SUVs, to super stretch limousines and even luxury buses. Plus, we’re driven to deliver exceptional service. So, wherever you’re going and whatever kind of vehicle is required, we can definitely accommodate you and whoever else is coming along for the ride!