Has this ever happened to you?

You plan everything for your night out to perfection. You call the perfect restaurant and book the perfect table, you text everyone and confirm they can make it. You even plan the stops along the way to let the party continue after dinner is done. You know the evening is going to be stupendous, a night to remember! Only to find out, it will be remembered, just not for the right reasons.

What makes or breaks your night out?

The one thing that can make or break your perfect night out is your transportation and if you don’t plan in advance, it can cost you big time! After all, if you can’t get there, you can’t have a great time, can you? Do you really want all your guests complaining about not being able to enjoy the night because they have to drive home? Or how they had to drive around for 20 minutes looking for a place to park? Maybe you can beg one friend to be the designated driver for the evening and have everyone squish into a small compact car. Hey, at least you’re all together, right? Well if that’s not your scene, there is another option.

What’s the safest means of transportation without breaking the bank?

If you’re a millennial chances are your answer is uber, right?

Well, really, uber??

Have you seen the latest headlines on uber drivers? Take a glance at this list, and let me know if you really feel safe leaving your life in their inexperienced, un-licensed hands? I don’t think so.

What’s a better way to relax, have a great night out and arrive home safely?

If you’re experienced you know reserving a limousine with a professional is the way to go. One that has experienced full time support staff, licensed professional chauffeurs, and updated, late model, immaculate vehicles.

Golden Knight Limousine II is pleased to offer an assortment of comfortable, late model, immaculate vehicles, from executive sedans and roomy SUVs, to super stretch limousines and even luxury buses. Plus, we’re driven to deliver exceptional service. So, wherever you’re going and whatever kind of vehicle is required, we can definitely accommodate you and whoever else is coming along for the ride!

But, that’s not the only thing that can make or break your night out. There are a few things to keep in mind when booking a ride. In order to make sure your night is a success be sure to follow the 5 tips below for a great experience that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

1 – Know your numbers and get the right ride:

When shopping around make sure you have all the right numbers.

  • How many people?
  • How many hours do you need the limo for?
  • Where are you going?
  • How many additional stops?
  • What dates are you interested in?

The more details you can provide on your first inquiry for a limo the better value and service you’ll receive. We feature an online booking tool allowing you to enter all your trip details giving you the most accurate quote possible. Weekdays are usually more cost effective than weekend nights so if you can plan for a night out during the week you can still have a luxury vehicle and chauffeur while saving some money.

2 – Get the whole price, but don’t focus on price alone

Focus on the value you are getting, the best service for the best price. Everyone you call will come within $50-$100 of each other. It’s the value they provide that matters. Price shouldn’t be the only determining factor.

  • How new is the car?
  • How well maintained is the fleet?
  • What amenities are provided in the vehicle (ice,water, wi-fi)?

Always compare apples to apples when shopping around. Most companies offer prices by the hour for an evening out, with a package deal when booking 4 or more hours. Some may have a minimum number of hours they will book the vehicle for. It’s also good to ask if gratuity is included in the price quote or extra.

Ask about payment too. What deposit is required up-front? How can the balance be paid? If you are going out with a group, you don’t want everyone handing you a debit card at the end of the evening for their share, and trust me, the chauffeur can’t run 12 debit cards either. So, know in advance if one cash payment is necessary for the balance, or is a credit card acceptable.

Finally, check out the company and their online reviews. If they are good, they will have reviews online. Ask them for a link, or check their social media.

3 – Is there a Package Deal

For a night out, prom, wedding or corporate event a package deal is most likely going to give you the best price. These offer a set number of hours and let you know exactly what’s included. This works out great if you are dividing the cost among your group. The one thing you need to look out for is overages. If you aren’t sure, ask in advance how overages are addressed if you decide to keep the limousine longer than originally agreed.

4 – Book Early

The earlier you can book your limousine the better. Prom and wedding season are quite a busy time of year and limousines, stretches, SUVs, and party buses book quickly. Booking early will save you time and money. All vehicles are available on a first come first serve basis. To ensure the best selection for your evening out we suggest you book at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This will guarantee you the vehicle of your choice along with the amenities you request.

5 – Safety First

Make sure the limo company you choose is licensed, registered in YOUR state and insured. Never book a ride with a limo company that can’t or won’t show you their licensing and insurance. This means asking about the records of their chauffeurs too. Make sure the chauffeurs are professionals and trained for the job. Don’t take chances.

Your special occasion is just as important to our staff and us as it is to you. Well, to be honest, it may be just a little bit more important to us. Why? Well, we are providing you with a service. And, at the end of the evening you will either tell your family, friends and co-workers about your great evening, or you will lament on the poor transportation you received. Naturally, we want you to sing our praises to the world and not only that, we want you to use us again and refer us to your friends and family (we even reward you with $25 cashback! When you refer us). So, we will do whatever we can to make sure your transportation is on-time, on-budget and just what you want.

If you’re located in Westchester, Putnam or the surrounding area and are searching for a reputable company to take care of your night out transportation needs, contact Golden Knight Limousine. We’re an established local business that you can rely on for safe, luxury ground transportation.